WordPress Consulting and More

Hello! I’m Grayson, a web developer with over two decades of experience. I specialize in WordPress, and in making sites accessible for people with disabilities. My pronouns are they/them.

Sites I’ve built and still run

SwitchKnits: an ecommerce site for my handcrafted work
Gainesville Handweavers’ Guild: a local crafting group I’m active in
ProtestAccess: a volunteer collective, of which I’m an active member

Past clients include

SheepShape Crafts: unique handmade wooden and fiber products
Paper Dragon Farms: a small independent farm
Romana Ahmed: a PhD student’s dissertation
MoonWise Witchy Services and Tarot Consultation
Weighty Issues: a food blog
Indian Culinary Center, NYC: a food blog

Other projects

I’ve built bots for Discord and Twitch, and am skilled at automation with
custom Python scripts.